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Dear Dr. Gould,

I work out of the house. It appears most of my emotional eating comes when I take a break for a few minutes…I go to the kitchen, search for a quick fix, and usually grab something not that healthy, muffins, cookies, snacks and eat too much. Temporary fix but then I feel remorse. I can’t seem to get past the bored part…to the emotions behind it.

Any help?


Dear LN,

As you know, this is the surface pattern, and below the surface is where you are headed. The way to get there is to be very serious about the pause technique. That is, when you take your break and look for the quick fix, pause and ask yourself what you are really looking forward. If you don’t pause, just automatically do it, you will never know what is really going on in your mind, and you can’t then get to the root cause. I can only guess at the next level of inquiry, but from the hint that you are working from home and dealing with boredom, there has to be something you are feeling about work, your future, your talents, or some other frustrated need that should be aired and dealt with in some other way than stuffing it down with food.

Dr. Gould


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