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Only 12% of New Year’s Resolutions are achieved. Or, put another way, 88% of New Year’s Resolutions fail. Add to this the statistic that 95% off all diets fail and you suddenly realize there’s little point in setting yourself a New Year’s Resolution that involves dieting.

What, then, is an effective New Year’s Resolution—one that will lead to a healthier weight and stand a chance of falling into the successful 12% bracket?

The most effective New Year’s Resolution is this: To understand and accept yourself more.

Let me explain…

Being overweight means you are storing more fat than your body needs. And the only way to do this is by eating more than your body needs. But for emotional eaters, this overeating is not being done for the body; it’s being done for the mind. Or, rather, to soothe the mind.

And the need to soothe the mind comes from the inability to deal with emotional stress in ways that don’t involve eating. It comes from not yet achieving full ownership of your adult mind. And it comes from a negative and harsh view of yourself as a person.

All of this simply means there is personal development work for you to do. And the best place to begin personal development is by first understanding and accepting yourself.

This means accepting where you are at today. It does not have to mean accepting that this is how you will always be. But without an acceptance of yourself today, shortcomings and all, there’s simply no room to develop as a person.

And that means there’s no room to break your emotional eating habit.

By making a commitment to understand and accept yourself more in 2018, you’ll allow yourself to feel difficult emotions instead of eat to stuff them down. You’ll acknowledge that you have problems that need your attention rather than numb your anxiety with comfort food. And you’ll acknowledge that you’re a person worthy of peoples’ love, respect and patience—especially your own.

Successful weight loss doesn’t come down to dieting and unsustainable New Year’s Resolutions; it comes down to not having to eat to cope anymore—the foundation on which the ShrinkYourself Program was built.

Food is not your anti-sadness, anti-loneliness or anti-anxiety pill. Food is fuel for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Both of which are yours for the taking in 2018.


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